Flu Clinics 2020

Who do I see?

Practice Nurse


This year, because of Covid-19, the flu clinics in the practice are running differently  to what you will be used to.  This year we are only vaccinating our under 65 at risk patients, and you should have already received your letter by now, inviting you to call to make an appointment.  It is not a drop in clinic this year.

For all other patients:

Over 65s: these Health Board organised and run clinics are now complete. 

6 months-2 years at risk are being vaccinated by the pre-school vaccination team.

2-5 year olds were sent a letter.

Primary school children will be vaccinated by the school vaccination team.

Pregnant women will be vaccinated by their midwife.

60-64 year olds: As of 2 December 2020 a letter has been sent by the Health Board to all 60-64 year olds about when and where you will be vaccinated.  This has not been organised by the practice so we are unable to offer you any advice regarding your letter.  You can read the latest information about this here.